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4F sale INC is an international financial intermediation service provider for 4Finance Group.

Our company’s mission is to hire and work with best performing affiliates, maintain direct cooperation process and provide merchant with valuable traffic.

With extensive experience in affiliate marketing technology and advanced knowledge in offer and affiliate management our goal is to keep our partners motivated.


  • Platform powered by Cake
  • Cake app – check you stats on Mobile
  • Highest commission rates in the market
  • International partnership experience
  • Real metrics in Real time using API
  • Loaded suite of highly optimized creative assets


The best day of an affiliate is a payday.
We pay on time – cash flow is the king.
Top affiliates receive payments as often as twice a month.


We offer campaigns across Europe & LATAM. All campaign offers have been made and upgraded in close cooperation with our affiliates to achieve both advertisers and affiliates goals to make more money.


A dedicated manager is appointed to each affiliate to pass on valuable tips and recommendations in case of a need or interest. We are here to make sure your account keeps on growing, and you earn as much commission as possible.

Our Products

  • Smscredit.lv

    Latvia / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Ondo.lv

    Latvia / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Zaplo.dk

    Denmark / Installment Loan

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  • Vivus.pl

    Poland / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Vivus.fi

    Finland / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Vivus.se

    Swedish / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Vivus.ge

    Georgia / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Smscredit.lt

    Lithunaia / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Zaplo.cz

    Czech / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Vivus.dk

    Denmark / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Goodcredit.am

    Armenia / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Vivus.lv

    Latvia / Installment Loan

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  • Vivus.lt

    Lithunia / Installment Loan

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  • Zaplo.pl

    Poland / Installment Loan

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  • Onnen.fi

    Finland / Installment Loan

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  • Vivus.bg

    Bulgaria / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Zaplo.ro

    Romania / Single Payment (30-day) Loan

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  • Onea.se

    Sweden / Installment Loan

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There are two ways to get more money

Referral commission

If you refer a trusted partner to our Network, you deserve to be rewarded.

Private deals

We’ll reward your progress constantly

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